Sunday, December 14, 2008

The 6 Best Things About Being In Love

1) Purpose

When you are with the one you love, each of you have a purpose in each others lives. This purpose alone is what moves the both of you forward to a prosperous future together.

2) Completeness

When you are with the one you love, everything feels complete, and there isn't a care in the world about what is yet to come.

3) Passion

The passionate times you have with someone that you love are worth every second, and because of it no amount of money could ever buy those feelings or experiences that you both have for each other.

4) Reason

When you are in love you have a reason to get up every single day.

5) Servant

When you are in love being a servant to each other in a cooperative way goes without saying as once you are in love there is no reason not to help the person you have committed yourself to.

6) Synergy

When you are with someone that you love, the synergy you both have the potential to create is something that a single human could ever touch. By being together, you have the ability to create something greater together than any single individual could ever do themselves. The equation 1+1=3 illustrates this completely.

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